ASOTRY, which means “harvest” in a local dialect of Malagasy, is a five-year food security program.  Over the life of the project, USAID  provide $37 million and more than 8,500 MT of food to promote food security in vulnerable households.  ADRA leads the ASOTRY consortium, consisting of ADRA Madagascar, Land O’Lakes International Development, and Action Intercooperation Madagascar (AIM).

ASOTRY has three components: improving health, nutrition, and sanitation; increasing livelihoods and agricultural production; and building resilience through disaster preparedness and improving infrastructure.  In addition, project activities  include cross-cutting issues of gender equality, environmental protection, and socio-organization. 

The component 1 concentrates its efforts to prevent malnutrition during the first 1,000 days of a child’s life.  To accomplish this, ASOTRY educates beneficiaries about healthy food choices, the health and nutrition of children and pregnant and lactating mothers, and complementary foods for breastfeeding.  Child weighing sessions are organized to monitor the nutritional state of children. At the same time, awareness campaigns about hygiene are made.

The component 2 ASOTRY program aims to improve access to food through increasing agricultural production, strengthening of the sale of agricultural products, and improving the entrepreneurial capacity of households.

Household access to credit and savings as well as the promotion of income generation activities are encouraged through the establishment of Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs).

The component 3 entitled ‘Resilience and Infrastructure,’ aims to increase the level of resilience of vulnerable communities by improving their ability to mitigate, prepare for and respond to disasters. Activities include the construction and rehabilitation of community infrastructure, natural resource management, disaster management, the establishment of early warning systems and linking community structures with national structures

Gender is part of all three ASOTRY components and is involved throughout the implementation of all activities. It aims to raise awareness levels among men and women about mutual respect as well as promote fairness and equal opportunities and treatment for all the technical interventions of ASOTRY.

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