Ampanihy District is one of the eight Districts in the South of Madagascar affected by the El-Niño induced drought. With the prospect of supporting education in this area, ADRA Madagascar launched the SFI project or El Nino Recovery and Relief School Initiative, in September 2017. SFI is a one-year school feeding program, funded by ADRA International and Rise Against Hunger. It is designed to impact the lives of 17,701 school children in 103 schools, through distributing high protein meals every school day. Other activities include distribution of kitchen kits, hygiene promotion, set up of hand washing devices or tippy taps, and sensitization of parents about the importance of sending their children to school. In addition, the project implements a system to track the growth, the health status and the performance of each beneficiary student. Through SFI, ADRA expects to increase school enrolment and regular attendance, and to improve students’ cognitive abilities.

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