In order to promote food security, the ASOTRY project supported by USAID improves access to food through increased agricultural production, but most importantly through increased sales of agricultural products.

It starts with the establishment of the “Farmer Field School" where farmers learn new techniques to improve their production. Once harvests increase, these farmers come together in a cooperative called “Farmer Business Association" (FBA) in order to promote and facilitate the sale of their crops. When the FBA is fully operational and productive, the construction of an “Agricultural Collection Center” (ACC) can be launched.

For ADRA ASOTRY, four Agricultural Collection Centers have just been inaugurated this year 2018, and two others are still under construction.

In February 2017 the members of the FBA “Miara-mientana” and the FBA “Tambatra” decided to regroup to build the ACC in Mahasoabe commune, Haute Matsiatra region.

In total, these two FBA groups have 42 members, who had little by little collected the local materials needed for the construction, such as wood, bricks, sand, and boards. Once the materials were gathered, they started building the ACC on October 12th, 2017. Both masons were members of the FBA.

Other construction materials including cements and roofing sheets were provided by the project, which also donated new agricultural equipment such as a rice grinding machine, wheelbarrows, weeders etc … as well as office furniture for the ACC including tables, chairs, and cupboards.

At present, the two FBAs can store up to 50MT of crops in the two large rooms of the center.

“The biggest problem for farmers is that we are forced to sell our crops at a low price, when we have nowhere to store our crops. Now, thanks to this new collection center, group sales are easier and more efficient. We can sell our products at any time, when the price on the market is favorable; and besides, our crops will be safe, “says RANDRIANATOANDRO Pascal, President of Mahasoabe ACC.

A monitoring and management committee, composed of 15 people voted by the members, is responsible for running the ACC and conducting monthly follow-up, with the purpose to identify any maintenance or improvements needed to ensure sustainability of the premises.

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